Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trilane Giveaway Event 9/14 - 10/5

Trilane Giveaway Event 9/14-10/5

Blogger Giveaway Event Sign Up

Trilane Giveaway Event 9/14-10/5 Sign Ups End 9/10! Join me and for a Trilane Giveaway Event

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Welcome to all my fans from Calif Beach Gal ( on Face Book!  Welcome to those who came to celebrate and participate and join our group as well.  

Since I sell Avon and Scentsy (only Scentsy until December, unless I keep getting orders that total $150.00 in one month out of three) I can do giveaways with some items that I have.  

One thing that I must do in giveaways now is ask for shipping money.  I know, that sucks, but depending on where I am shipping to and the weight of the item....  it can be expensive for me too! So by joining in the giveaway you are agreeing to pay shipping BEFORE I ship the item and I will have a tracking number for you.

The items I have are very nice and not expensive to ship unless you live in another country (outside of the USA) or Hawaii or Alaska.  Since this is a fan appreciation giveaway I feel it's important to be open to WORLDWIDE!  You don't have to enter the giveaway if you don't agree with this rule of mine.  Sorry to have you go.

So the items are as follows:


   Hello Kitty candy (the winner of this one must save on to the wrappers for another ACTIVITY to happen on the group!)

There are 3 of these to be given! One per person.  Hand cream!

Tropical Coconut Foot Works

5 MINI TESTERS of SCENTSY Wax (the wax is removable)
Silvertone mARK necklace

Anyone not understanding the need for the postage to be paid by the winners please write to me at and NOT on the comments on here.  I'm not the only blogger who does this.  It's expensive enough for the prizes.  Thank you for understanding.   Comments of complaint will not be published.

CELEBRATE EVERYONE!  We're doing so well on this fan page on FaceBook.  Thank you for the LIKE and the participation in this 500 fan appreciation giveaway.  You all rock!


 3 points for LIKING  Calif Beach Gal on Facebook

5 points for LIKING  Avon Products by Carolyn

5 points for LIKING Carolyn's Scentsy and Candles for Sale

10 points for leaving a blog comment:   **You agree to pay the shipping BEFORE the prize is mailed by PayPal or money order or international money order.

You have joined ALL of the groups on here because each item is MANDATORY to complete or you won't win a prize.  You may answer AGREE or don't enter the giveaway.  Any negative comments or question belong on my email at AND NOT ON HERE or you will be disqualified.**

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Driving down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to Southern California Beach Gal

Our beach in Channel Islands Beach, CA

Surfing, beach combing, boating, whale watching, laying out, walking the dog, and many other activities are available to us year-round at our beach and the surrounding beaches here in Channel Islands Beach, California.  And I am known (by my own naming) as the California (Calif.) Beach Gal. 

In the background of this picture that I shot, is Anacapa Island, of the 5 Channel Islands!  This is the closest island to us.  We just love living here with all the activities to do and our friends and family love to visit us and do these activities with us!  

We hope you enjoy your visits here and learn much about Southern California!
We will have giveaways, contests, challenges and more here.  Enjoy!